Making Dinner

I'm making my *soon to be* world famous cheese enchiladas tonight for dinner. My mom just left to take Jessie to the dentist (the worst place in the world) and so I'm also babysitting 3 crazy little ones.

I don't know why, but I freak out when I cook. I've made these enchiladas several times, but the first time I didn't know how (mom didn't write the recipe down) and the second time, I had gotten shots. Shots are supposed to make you not sick, but they made me sick, so I was cooking and fainting and the room was turning gray and it was scary. Now I have to make the sauce by myself.

Listen to me whine. I'm such a sissy. But if I mess up, I'm doomed. Or at least I've got that in my head.

Cooking stresses me out. So, Nick J., if you're reading this, you're going to do half of the cooking...or you're gonna have one insanse wife.

God Bless,

(p.s.: if you get any spiritual encouragement or meaning from this post, let me know and I will forever hold you as the most godly person I know! It's a challenge, lol!)


  1. Oh, I know how that goes! I babysit and cook a lot too! I also kind of freak out when I cook too, mostly just when I'm not sure how to make whatever it is I'm cooking.
    Well, I guess I don't get the prize for godliest person you know! :P
    Remember when we first decided to be sister blogs! We each only had one or two followers! Now look at us! It's awesome. I'm sure it was a God thing that you decided to ask me. Thanks for doing that.:)
    -Emma Jett

  2. I'm afraid that I can't say that I found and spiritual encouragement in it but I did find encouraging humor so that might count :D I felt really down today so this story kinda helped so thanks :) My dad cooks pretty well (or at least better than my mom when she first started out :P) so don't give up all hope that 'Nick' can't cook :) I'm sure that the enchiladas will taste great and your family will love them :) Have fun!

  3. Haha thanks guys! I'm glad I could encourage you in some day, but I was spiritually wiped out yesterday so all I could write about was enchiladas. They were delicious, btw, but I ended up breaking dishes, burning a pan, nearly burning the queso, forgetting to cook the green beans, forgetting to turn on the oven and then accidently turned it off. Oh well. =]


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