Stop Waiting for Someday

It's scary to think about the future, death, and your life purpose. Did you know your grandchildren's grandchildren won't know who you are? They won't know what you loved to do or which vegetable you hated most. They won't even know your name!

Think about it. In several decades, nobody will ever know you even existed. Your Facebook page will be deleted. Your house will be sold. Your money and property will be divided among those written in your will. Your dog will likely be dead by then. Your children will be very old, if they are alive.

There's one person, though, who will always remember you. There's one person who will always know you and love you. That person is God.

When everything you know is gone and everyone has forgotten you, God will still be there. You're not gone, or dead. You're with Him.

Until then, God has a purpose for you right now. We fall into the habit of "someday". Someday when you're an adult, someday when you get a better job, someday when you get married, someday when you get rich and famous, then you'll embark upon the greatest adventure of your life. Only then you'll be ready to fulfill God's plan for you.

That's not true! Someday starts today. I don't know what God's plan is for me or for you, but I do know that it's big. I do know that if you follow Him, you'll do things beyond your wildest dreams!

Remember God tells us, "I have plans for you -- plans to prosper and not to harm you." If you're waiting for "someday" now, you'll still be waiting for it when you're 30, when you're 50, when you're 87. God's plan for you starts NOW! It's already working. He's already laying the paths out and getting every little detail right so that it will be perfect for you. Today, with me, put God's plans for you into action.

Dear God,

I realize that you have amazing plans for me, beyond my wildest dreams! I don't know what they are, Lord, but I'm willing to trust you and take that first step in the right direction. Please help me to make good choices and live out your plan for me. I pray this in Your name.



  1. Very good, Melissa.

    Now get busy on your research paper! ;)

  2. Thanks!
    Hi, Tunafish! I'll check out your blog. Feel free to follow.

  3. Hey, Sorry I haven't commented here in a while. I'm glad you like my post. Yours are very good to. Esspecially how you add the prayer in at the end.

    I agree about Barack Obama. It's an obamanation what that man is doing! - Bob


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