Dare to Dream

Have you ever dreamed of doing something or being something? I bet everyone has. Maybe you want to be rich, famous, beautiful, smart. Maybe you dream of going to the moon or exploring the ocean. Maybe you dream of being successful in your career.

Whatever your dream is, chances are it has been crushed before. I dream of being a mom, a dolphin trainer, a writer -- and a wife to Nick Jonas. That last one has been crushed too many times to count. It's kind of a joke, really, but still...even those hard to reach dreams have hope in them. There's just something in them that you can't bear to let go. You hope that maybe someday they'll happen. Maybe someday your dreams will come true.

Of course, this world tells you that you can't accomplish those dreams without money, beauty, a thin body, and fame. Those are the things you must have to be successful in life, so the world says.

The world is wrong.

A hard-working farm boy taught himself to read and write. He was poor and nobody knew his name. Until he became President Abraham Lincoln.

A young person in Texas dreamed of making it big. That person is now one of the biggest names in fashion history.

A pretty blonde girl had a great voice but she lived in a town where fame wasn't easily found. That girl is now the aspiring country singer Taylor Swift.

Let's face it: you won't be successful in life unless you do something about it. Your life will not change unless you change it. Yes, you'll need God's help, but the first step is dreaming. Believing you can do it.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to believe in myself and my Lord. I know He has great plans for my life, plans beyond my wildest dreams. I don't know what they'll be but I'm willing to wait and learn and prepare for the time when God's plans for me will unfold. I don't know about you, but until then, I'm going to dare to dream.

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