Ask God Someday

Sometimes I've asked my parents and other adults questions that they didn't know the answer to. "You can ask God someday," they would reply.

When you're 10 years old Heaven -- and God -- seem very far away. When you're 10 years old you want "real" answers, and the answer that I got didn't satisfy me.

When you get to Heaven, what will you ask God?

Some of my questions are
Why do good people die?
Why do some people seem to have so much?
Why'd you give me so many bad hair days?

I think God is actually happy to answer our questions! He loves us and gave us these amazingly complex minds so we can grow and learn and love. He longs for us to understand and love him. Just like a friend, when we know more about him, we find it easier to be his friend.

Just something to think about.

God bless,

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  1. haha I remember getting that answer. It bugged me because of course you're not going to remember to ask it when you get to heaven. lol.


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