Reading isn't Doing

(This is not a post about dieting, that's only the intro.) =]
Kim and Sarah sat on the sidewalk. There seemed to be nothing to talk about or do, even though the whole neighborhood knew they were best friends.
Kim sighed. "I’ve been thinking about this dieting thing," she said finally.
Sarah raised an eyebrow. "What ‘dieting thing’?"
"I’ve been reading all my aunt’s old books about it and have been poring through all my mom’s sugar-free, fat-free, low calorie cookbooks. I’ve done so much reading I’m sure I’ve lost tons of weight by now!"
In Sarah’s opinion, Kim didn’t have any weight to lose. Luckily, however, it didn’t look like she had lost any weight. Sarah was absolutely sure she wouldn’t lose any weight at this rate. "Kim, reading about dieting won’t make you diet!"
I can totally relate to Kim. Not that I want to lose weight, but in a different way. I am a huge reader. My all-time absolute FAVORITE store is Barnes & Noble. I’ve recently gotten into "How To" books – how to make face masks, how to be even more fashionable than I already am (hehe), how to train my not-so-intelligent but oh-so-enthusiastic dog (she’s blonde, can’t you tell?), and my recent favorite: how to get closer to God. I’ve read all the books – Totally God’s by Megan Clinton, Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, Don’t Waste your Life by John Piper – everything. I’ve been an enthusiastic Brio magazine reader, soaking up all the spiritual food that’s out there.
But, when it comes down to it all, I’m a horrible procrastinator. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow – that’s my life verse, quite frankly. So I know a lot about being a Christian and getting closer to God, which is why I started this blog. So you’d think I’d be a really strong Christian, or at least know what I’m talking about. The answer is simple: I’m not. I have a relationship with God and I love Him, but that relationship is sometimes put off for Facebook or for my dog (I know I’m so terrible). My relationship with God isn’t perfect – because – you know why? – because of ME. It’s completely my fault. I’ve read all the books, but it doesn’t help unless you actually go out there and do it!
Reading about dieting won’t make you diet or loose 20 pounds. Reading about playing in the NFL won’t get you there. Reading about being fashionable won’t make you an fashion icon. You have to change yourself. You have to go out there and do it to make your learning worthwhile.
I’m thrilled that you read my blog. I’m thrilled that God has given me inspiration in my every day life for this blog. But I would be sad if my writing wasn’t doing anything for you. Don’t get me wrong – learning is GREAT! You know how to do things when you read about them. But reading won’t miraculously change you or your relationship with your Lord.

God bless,

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  1. I like ur blog alot! I totally am just like you when it comes to procrastinating in the most important things! God bless you girl! I am going to follow your blog if its ok with you. : )

  2. Thanks! I've really been thinking about this a lot and I finally figured out how to word it.

    Social Butterfly,
    Thanks! I like yours, too. Fine with me? Heck yeah!

    God bless,


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