Little Pink Spoons

I love trying new flavors of ice cream. When you walk into a creamery, a feeling seems to well up in you that you can’t quite explain – you know what I’m talking about. You get so excited. You have to read every ice cream label and take your time to decide. What toppings do you want – Snickers, Heath, sprinkles? What type of cone do you want? Or do you even want a cone? You can have a cup. What size cup? How many scoops? One would be best, but surely two wouldn’t hurt….
Then there comes the most beloved desert ritual of all time – the tasting of the flavors. With all those choices, how could you possibly decide on just one? So you can mix it. But which ones do you want to mix? So you ask for a sample of Amaretto. The lady scoops some on a pink plastic spoon and you savor it. Yum. But what about Brownie Batter? And Birthday Cake? Sometimes we just like to see how many free samples we can get away with before we get kicked out of the shop.
And then you’ve found it. The best one. An excellent mixture of creaminess and flavor. You’ve proved that love at first bite exists. Now you want your friends to all get that flavor so you can all be fans and so pretty soon the whole world will be as happy as you. Soon, you hope, the whole world will experience that ice cream.
Isn’t that kind of like evangelism? Think about it. You’re hungry. You’ve tried practically everything else. For a while, you liked it, but you kept wanting more. Nothing was perfect. Then you found it. The One. It’s called Jesus, a perfect blend of love, power, peace, joy, and life.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were the little pink sample spoons? You may be the bit of Jesus someone will ever know. You’ve gotten this amazing thing – why not share it with the world so they can experience it as well? Why not be a sample of Jesus?

This, month, focus on being a little pink spoon for God.


  1. OMB! I HAVE to eat some ice cream now! That was the most descriptive, perfect, mouth-watering picutre of ice cream i've ever read!
    I reall wanna go to Marble Slab now and spend my gift card!!

  2. Thanks! Hey, maybe you can take a much-loved friend with you! *hint hint*
    JK! =]

  3. You are making me hungry


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