Back 2 School

Let’s face it: summer vacation is almost over for most of us. What to do with that little sliver of summer that’s left? And what do you need to know this year when you hit the books?

Be prepared.
Get all your stuff ready so you won’t be rushed with last-minute preparation. Be ready. Make a checklist with everything you need, including a pencil box, pencils, erasers, highlighters, notebooks, a binder, a ruler, and whatever else you need.

Be a neat freak.
Clean up after yourself. A messy desk will be frustrating. You want to be able to know where your things are and find them quickly. When your teacher says, “Please get out your pencils”, you don’t want to have to empty out your whole desk to find it.

Work hard.
Let me give you some straight facts that you NEED to know. Work hard in school. Because how well you do in school will determine how well you do for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. That’s a long time. Good grades are really important. Kids with good grades can get scholarships, get into good colleges, get great jobs, make lots of money, and help you in so many ways. I totally understand that school is tough, but life without a college degree is even tougher.

Pressure to be Popular
You aren’t in school to be liked. You’re in school to learn. Still, popularity is a big issue. There are two kinds of popular crowds: those who are nice and those who aren’t. Some popular kids raise themselves by putting others down. Then there are the kids who are popular because everyone likes them, because they are nice and fun. Try to be one of THOSE kids.

Don’t fall behind.
Get good grades. Work hard on your homework and turn it in on time.

Don’t be a fake flake.
If you’re a Christian, then act like one, no matter who you are with. Maybe you can act like a Christian around your parents, but you don’t want Shelly or Greg to make fun of you, so you tone that down to fit in. Don’t. Be who you are. They can like you or dislike you, but the people who like you will like you for YOU, not for who you pretend to be around the popular crowd.

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