Relient K: Balancing Act

I was talking to a friend about her favorite bands. "Tobymac, TFK, and, of course, Relient K. You CAN'T forget them."
And, I guess I have to agree. Relient K is a Christian band of boys with great music. My favorite songs include Maintain Conciousness, My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend, Sadie Hawkins Dance (a classic), and Which to Bury Us or the Hatchet.

"How do you balance being Christians and musical artists?"

Matt T. of Relient K: "Well, I guess it doesn’t really need to be a balancing act. I mean we were all Christians before we were in a band, so that’s who we are. I guess we never considered ourselves artists when we started, so it’s kind of hard to consider it art. It’s fun. It’s rock and roll, but there’s a certain amount of creativity to it. You know, I think bands like Switchfoot and P.O.D. show it’s easy to be who you are and be a Christian and make music, art or whatever that’s relevant to everyone. I guess we’re just trying to follow them."

Matt H. of Relient K: "I think it’s not as much of a balance. I think whatever job you have in life, whatever place you find yourself, whether you’re in high school or have an office job or in a rock and roll band, that kind of stuff is just secondary. You just try to figure out how to make who you are the first priority and not change, like staying who you are without being changed by your surroundings. I think that’s an important thing."

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