Europe, here I come!

Hey, everyone. I know -- I have not been updating this regularly because of my busy summer. Well, this hopefully the last interruption. I am leaving tomorrow (Sunday) to get on a plane and head to London. My family is going on a cruise to Astonia, Germany, Finland, Russia, and a few other places all around Europe. It's a LOOOOONG flight, the longest I've been on since I was 2. We'll arrive in London at 2:30 AM our time, but in Europe it won't be that early. So I'm spending the night on a plane. Thrilling.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this trip, and I haven't even packed yet and we leave tomorrow (shocking)! So, as you guessed, I won't be able to update the blogs unless my dad's Blackberry works on the ship. If I can't use the Blackberry to update the blogs, I will tell you guys all about my trip when I come back!

Lots of love,

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