Draw a Line and Live Above it

This has been on my mind for a while. Do you have standards? Are there certain goals you have, big or small, that you know you must push yourself to accomplish? Is there something in your life where you’re not saying, I hope I’ll do this – but I know I can do this, and I WILL do it.
Sometimes you just have to make yourself do something, because it’s necessary for your short-term happiness, your relationship with your brother, your college, and maybe your teeth. (I WILL brush my teeth today. I WILL.)
What are some of those places where you have drawn a line and wanted to not go anywhere below that? Have you made yourself study so you won’t get a B in Spanish, and accepted nothing less? Have you made yourself do a chore and do it well, not stopping until it’s done and done correctly?
How do you feel when you’ve finished that task? Tired, probably – maybe hankering for a bag of chips. But what else do you feel? A sense of satisfaction? Happiness? Are you proud of yourself for accomplishing this and pushing yourself to do it?
But what happens after that? Once you’ve accomplished that, is there no place to move on to? Of course there is!
Kate and Josh, brother and sister, both were determined to not fail science class. They made a promise to themselves not to accept an F, but to push themselves until they got a grade that would help them pass the class. When their teacher handed them each their research report, with a bright red C on each one, both smiled. A C is a passing grade, so they wouldn’t fail the class. What happened next? Kate, satisfied that she wouldn’t fail, let herself relax now. She continued her passing grade at a steady rate – C, C, C – and passed the class. Her brother, however, chose a different route. After feeling the satisfaction of getting a passing grade, Josh wanted to go beyond that and move forward. Yes, he would have to push himself, but he worked hard studying that month, and when he received his report card, he got an A in science class.
What did Kate do? She drew a line and kept to it. She didn’t fail, but she didn’t move forward. Josh drew a line – and lived above it. He continued to strive for more. He continued to do well and work hard, and he was well rewarded.
You have the choice to draw a line, and you have the choice to either stick with it or be great. It’s up to you. You have the ability, even if you aren’t great in science or math, or friends, or whatever you’re struggling with.
So, yes, strive for the A. Make yourself study. Work on your skateboarding and master a flip. Practice jumping your horse, raise the poles higher – and clear it!


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