Real Love [part1]

Read it. 1 Corinthians 13

Love is…patient.

Understand it. Love is willing to wait instead of demanding, "Prove you care, NOW!"

Experience it. Sometimes you might feel like no one loves you. Or you may feel that they do, but only a little bit. Sometimes you might feel like screaming, "PROVE YOU CARE, NOW!" But what will that accomplish? You’ll startle the person you’re talking to – and what they’re trying to say, what they really feel, may not come out right. So instead of yelling and demanding an answer, just watch their actions. If you’re wondering if your mom loves you or not, watch what she does throughout the day. Does she cook your meals? Does she let you live under her roof? Does she buy you clothes and other things you need? Does she occasionally give you a treat? Does she look at you kindly, or hug you? Sure, none of these mean someone loves you, but they do hint at it, and if you watch closely, you’re bound to find that someone does love you.

Live it. Next time you see your mom, dad, or someone else you love, tell them you love them, whether you say the words or you give them a hug. People love to know you care about them.

Put God in it. Ok, maybe you’ve had a rough life and maybe you don’t have a mom or dad who loves you. But don’t give up hope. You have a heavenly dad, perfect and pure, who loves you more than any person could ever love you. God’s love is eternal – it will never fade. God loves everyone (that means you!) so much that he sent his son to die for you, so that you could be with him. There’s no love greater than that, trust me. God loves you, and don’t ever forget that. God’s love is real love.

Journal Jots:
If love is patient, then should you be patient with your siblings to show them love?
If love is patient, should you love those who try your patience?
If someone is impatient, does it mean they are incapable of loving you or anyone else?
In what ways have other people shown patience and love to you?
In what ways have you shown patience and love to others?
In what ways has God shown patience and love to you?
What are some ways you can show love to others by being patient?
Should we be patient to God and accept his timing? Is this one way to show your love for him?


  1. Wow... patience. Something I need to work on.

  2. :]

    Patience really isn't hard for me (cough all you want, Hannah, it's true). However, there are PLENTY of other areas where I fall short.

    I remember in first grade, I was private schooled, and at the end of the schoolyear, there was a ceremony and we got to go up and get awards for what Fruit of the Spirit we were most gifted in at that time in our lives. I got patience. I remember accidently seeing the Fruity paper that told who would get what Fruit of the Spirit lying on the teacher's desk. The teacher was out of the room for some reason and had left it there on accident (or maybe she just thought no one would have the nerve to look). I didn't mean to, honest. But it was right there out in the open, so I called a few of my friend and we looked. I remember saying, "Tyler, you don't love anybody" or something like that, because his name wasn't under "love". I looked at Goodness and saw that no one had gotten it. :]

  3. Good post. I'm guessing you saw my comment for The Christians Journey and the King we follow. Thanks for writing this, but I was acctually having a hard time understanding the present use and purpose of the gifts described in these surrounding chapters (tongues in particular). Besides that, this chapter (often called the love chapter) is often taken out of context. Though I am glad you could get these truths from it, that was not it's most important message. This passage is a part of a letter from Paul to the church at Corinth. This passage on love can give you knowledge of what love is (which it obviously does) but it's main purpose was to structure his message that was earlier explained in verses 1 - 3. To tell the church at Corinth that if they were using these gifts, they should be using them to edify the church and not themselves. That is why this passage of love was stuck in the middle of two passages concerning the spiritual gifts. Many were speaking in tongues for the glory of themselves bragging, "Hey, look at me. I have this special gift." They did not have love, but were edifying themselves and abusing the gift. Though it was a divine gift, those at Corinth still had the ability to misuse the gift of tongues. Just read 1 Corinthians 12:28. The gift of tongues is mentioned last. The church at Corinth was making the gift of tongues out to be something that it was not. The love chapter was to correct them. - Bob

  4. Bob,
    Ok, I'm a little confused, you're speaking "big person" talk. :]
    I didn't say love was the only thing talked about in that chapter. I just wanted to go over some things that love is and love isn't, and how we can show love to others.
    - Melissa


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