Well, that's it.
It's over.
Not that it was a surprise.

I told mom the other day, "I'm praying that God will make the one who will serve the Lord and America the most our president, but if Obama wins, I know God hasn't answered my prayers."

Well, of course, God knew what he was doing, but that doesn't mean that our country won't fall.

I made a song...about Obama, and my beloved country...but it is under peer review and may not be released to the public due to, um, truthfulness. :] Just a bit of my feelings.

Andrew, just you wait, you'll soon see why I was right. So, haha. There, I laughed. Wow, I actually laughed today! (Man, Andrew, you're good.)
No, wait, I'm angry.
You'll see, my friend, you'll see.


  1. Interesting title. His election was a great suprise to me despite the knowledge of the exit polls. I'm kind of ashamed at who America has chosen as it's leader. Just think, more than half the people in this nation voted for a man whose friends with a former terrorist who hates the U.S., a radical racist preacher, plus other crazy people, over a man who would have willingly gave his life for our country. I guess Obama's slogan won him the votes. Although many feel America needs a change, I definely don't think they we were thinking when they voted for this kind of a change. - Bob

  2. We have to remember that God wasn't surprised by the election results. He is still on His throne, and we are ultimately citizens of His kingdom.

  3. Ummmm, who is Andrew?
    And, even though Obama isn't the best guy to be our president, the Bible says not to speak evil of them, becuase he put them in their place. WAIT! i know, calling him Obama-llama-ding-dong isn't evil, but we still need to respect him. (bummer)(sorry)

  4. Morgan,
    Andrew is a friend of mine on SL who is probably Obama's #1 underage fan. We debated A LOT about Obama & McCain and Huckabee and such. The election is over but our debate isn't!

    And, yes, we SHOULD respect him, unless he's the AntiChrist or anything, then, heck, do what you please.
    I respect him as a man (well, only a teensy bit because he lied) but I will not kiss his feet or anything and I will be exuberantly elated when he is impeached -- I mean, when his turn is over. :]

  5. Read Romans 13. Wheather we like Obama or not, God's chosen him. By rebelling against Obama you're rebelling against God. Period.

  6. Andrew,
    I'm glad I finally got you to comment!

    Ok, I'm not "rebelling" against Obama. If McCain became president, you would be upset as well. And what about all your threads on SL about Bush? So you're saying you're rebelling against God, too?

    Rebelling against the president would be breaking his laws. I'm not a criminal. I won't rebel, I'll just speak my mind. We both have a right to do that.


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