20 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Me

1. I love emo hair and black nail polish. I really don't know why. That's not even my "look" or anything.

2. I get really mad when people are prejudice against people who are "different". If you have trouble being nice to an emo, someone with tattoos, or anyone you judge because of how they look, I have trouble being nice to you.

3. I love things that most people don't love, like outrageous red snakeskin heels and other items of clothing that people think of as "ugly". Nobody knows this, though. Like, nobody.

4. I have this obnoxious big smile and I don't really like it, especially when everyone around me gives these tiny little semi-smiles.

5. I love rain. I love cold weather. Like in Forks, Washington. Mostly because vampires live there. So why exactly do I live in Texas? Hmm....

6. When I'm concentrating really hard, I stick out my tongue a little.

7. I like indie pop music.

8. I have my entire wedding planned out, as well as the names and genders of my future children. My problem is that I only want 2-3 kids, but I have so many awesome names. (Haven and Oliver...so cute!)

9. I'm not as close to God as I'd like to think.

10. Even though I hang out with people who are older than me sometimes, I always feel like I'm the oldest person in the room. I told one of my older friends this and she said I was stuck up, but then she laughed and said "just kidding". Yeah. Thanks. It's not like I think I'm better than them or anything, I just have a strong personality and most people follow me instead of me following them. I think that's why.

11. I sometimes hate myself. Mainly because I'm a procrastinator and can't keep my room clean. But also because I skipped ahead in Breaking Dawn and ruined the whole book for myself.

12. I sing in the shower. I belt it out. Turns out that people can still hear me in there. Great.

13. My glass is half-empty. Almost half-full, but not quite.

14. I wish I was pale. But no, I am tan. Gah.

15. I am a "what-if" person. Being sure of the fact that I'm going to die any second now is part of my everyday life. I'm constantly thinking, "There's a car. I'm in the front seat. If we crash, which we probably will, the airbags will snap my spine. It'll be fast. I'm ready to die. OK." I watch the car drive by, and I'm still alive, so I wait for the next one. Etc.

16. Shy people annoy me. I don't get them. Some of my best friends are shy. My awesomeness freaks them out sometimes. I find immense pleasure in embarassing them by talking too loud or doing something silly in public. So yeah. Nick Jonas and I would probably kill each other.

17. I am terrified of old age. Like Bella from Twilight. Like, it seriously scares me, creeps me out like nothing else in the world. I'm not afraid of old people. I like them. I'm afraid of me as an old person. Scary.

18. I am a people watcher. I get wierd stares all the time.

19. I was married once. To a girl. It didn't work out. (To those of you who are about to call me gay, I'm not. It was an inside joke thing.)

20. I admire people who are real and don't change who they are just because they'd be less different if they did.


  1. 1. You love black nail polsih? Huh? Never would have guessed. I would probably wear it too(and other dark colored nail polishes), but I can't do it myself and it looks messy when I do it.

    2.(no comment)

    3.WOW!! I probably could have figured that out muself about you after awhile. I love things like that too, but I would never be brave enough to wear them myself.

    4. I love your smile! It is sooo you! Instead of hating it, you should embrace it. Melissa, you are so unique and have many great qualities. For example: When you pose in front of the mirror and you make that puchy face of yours. LOOOOVE IIIIT!

    5. What have I done to you?

    6. That's for sure!! :D

    7. I don't know what that sounds like.

    8.I L-O-V-E the name Bently. (Don't know why)

    9.Same here.

    10. I hate it when people think I am older than I really am. It gets really annoying. But I can't get away from it. I can't even order off of kids menus any more.
    When I hang out with people at parties and at school who are my age, I feel out of place. They do dumb things that I don't want to do. I end up just sitting there doing nothing. I normally don't go to parties any more.

    11. Read a book straight through. Thats why there are page numbers, duh.

    12. The last time I was over you sang in the shower. HA HA HA!!! good Times!

    13.I don't get it.

    14. OMB!! Don't you know how many people want tan skin!!! People turn orange and get skin cancer to get tan and you want to be PALE!!! PISH POSH!

    15. Seriously? That is what goes through you head. Again, I never would have guessed.

    16. Monday will be very interesting......

    17. ..............huh

    18. ME TOO!!!! I think I told you that. But you can accually learn a few things.

    19. TMI I don't know what to think. O.K...............well........confused totally.

    20. That is very true.

    These are the things that went throuhg my head when i read this post.

  2. Oh my gosh, Rachel.

    You made my day.
    I was trying my hardest not to laugh out loud while reading that.
    You know me too well.
    And yes, you should be ashamed of yourself for introducing me to Twilight.
    You make me so happy. I love you, Roberto!
    and by the way, my wife's name was Kelsey.

    #21: I have this amazing friend named Rachel who makes me smile with everything she says.

  3. Umm, I'll post a few thoughts too...

    1. me too! only I'm a guy so I have to live without it. And black eye liner is so amazing! almost makes me wish I were a girl.

    4. I have a smile that is pretty annoying only I hardly ever smile so I guess it's not all that annoying. I'm starting to smile more though...

    5. Rain is so amazing. Just a couple things better than it.

    7. Metalcore. sorry. Indie pop is good though. All music is great.

    9. I might be closer to GOD than I think but I wish I were closer and knew where I was so I could get closer.

    10. I know that feeling. Well, I don't feel like the oldest kid in the room but I'd always hang out with the older kids. and now they're gone! =( And most of the kids my age that I meet are so... juvenile and kiddish. Like, I'm not trying to brag or be proud or whatever, I just really hate how they act when I'm trying to pursue GOD. So GOD has called me to lead them back to Him. Don't really want to put much that out on the Internet though, sorry.

    11. I hate myself sometimes... Can't keep my room clean either but I like it to be clean =P

    12. When I'm in the mood =P I really hate how people can still hear you though, and people hear me when I play guitar in my room with the door closed. I still do it though =P

    13. my glass is pretty full, but clear and I keep spilling =/

    14. I'm pretty tan... so I'm happy with that but it's just my face, neck and arm =P Have a pretty bad farmers tan. But it's really cool, I always wear a ring on my left index finger so I have a permanent ring there! like permanent socks, permanent ring...

    15. Often think what if I die later today/tomorrow and what I should do before then but only sometimes.

    16. I'm kind of a shy person... but GOD's growing me out of that. I used to be pretty bad a year ago...

    17. I don't want to be in pain when I'm older but I think it'll be pretty fun to be able to sit around and talk to people and enjoy things, take things slower. But health is the independent variable. Could enjoy being old, could hate it and always want to die.

    19. never been married but I've proposed quite a few times... though the person I was asking was never there.

    20. People like that are awesome.

    So yeah, sorry didn't mean to be a copy cat or anything but these were some of the things I thought of while reading... Jesus loves you! =)

  4. haha! thanks for the amazing comment!

    Permanent socks are awesome.
    I like what you said about eyeliner...but I've gotta say that GUYliner, on the other hand, is not too attractive. I'm not the Adam Lambert type. :P

    Metalcore? I've never heard of it. Like, what bands do you listen to?


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