The Cutest Little Freshman You'll Ever See

School is good. Except the learning part. That's gotta go.

The theatre people are so awesome. I think it's funny how you can always tell who those people are. They have a reputation for being crazy, but I like them. They've sort of "adopted" me, I guess. Every time I speak, they say, "Awww...she's so cute...!"

I don't have a single group of friends yet. I like the theatre kids a lot but since they're older I don't get to see them outside of drama class. I move around, but I usually sit with the popular girls and some guys for lunch and sit with the gay kids and the goth kids in the morning. I really don't know how that worked out. I found a girl who likes to share her cookies, chips, and gum with me because she says I'm too skinny, so that's cool. When it comes down to it, I usually just sit and pretend to be very interested in my nails or a scratch on the table.


  1. 1.) The converse (I never know how to pluralize converse ... conversi? converses? chucks?) in that picture are far, far too adorable. That might be my favorite piece of Converse art ever.

    2.) I'm happy that you're jumping around to different groups of people. My friends in high school were sort of a misfit mix of all different types too. I loved that. It made the mindsuck of actual school much easier to deal with. :) Glad things are going well!

  2. Natalie,
    I know! Rachel (Rams Girl) did this to her Converse. :)

    Thanks! I'm enjoying being with different kinds of people, too.

  3. Sorry I don't know you and you probs think its weird me reading your blog but i was just having a look. I'm 14 and I just wanted to tell you that your blog is the realest and interesting blog i've read on this whole site, I think its cool how you blog about your daily life I blog about mine. Anyway I think your blog is cool. so Yeahh if you ever happen to check mine out leave a comment :)


  4. My school isn't quite big enough to have groups like that. I'd probably just be in my own though, no one else is really... sporty, musical, nerdy, emo or close to GOD like I am. I'd either be in all of them or none. So we'll see this week how things work out and how GOD chooses to work through me. Jesus loves you! =)

  5. good luck in high school! your gonna love it! awww i love freshmennn!!!! -gabie

  6. TheDreamerGirl,
    I do NOT think it's weird that you read my blog! I write it so people can read it. :) I will check out yours later. Thanks for the comment!

    Jesus loves you, too. :)

    haha thanks:D


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