Tomorrow, I become a high schooler.

I have been really upset about it, but then out of the blue Rachel called me today and it's nice to know that someone else is nervous. Then my nana called, and people at church have encouraged me, so I'm feeling a little better. Talking to sweet Gillian also helped. :)

My biggest worry, besides not having friends despite the fact that I am a very social gal, is that I will be in over my head in homework and theatre and everything. I'm doing all advanced classes and so I'm just waiting to see if I can handle it.

Another big reason for my worries? Here we go.....I'm really dependent and I don't have much common sense. I'm smart, but I haven't been in school since I was in first grade, and that was private school. I don't like to feel alone and I don't like things resting solely on my shoulders. Plus, as you know, I am a huge procrastinator.

So tomorrow I will become a fishy. I will straighten my hair (again), put on some vanilla-scented perfume, gloss my lips and arrive at high school with just a notebook and a pencil.

Oh yeah, I think God will be there, too.


  1. I still remember the absolute terror I felt on the first day of high school. I'd gone to public school from K-8 but it was a little school. My high school was ginormous. High School years weren't the best years of my life (even though this is what many people assured me would happen ...) but eventually I connected with a sweet group of friends just as weird and quirky as I was. They were the best part of HS for me. God will most definitely be there with you. And the fact that you're pursuing what you love - theater and advanced classes and all the other forms of high school crazy - makes me so happy for you. If anybody doesn't realize what an incredible friend you would be ... it is truly their loss. Praying you have an amazing tomorrow!

  2. another great post! you are gonna do great in high school! =) good luck freshie!!! -gabie

  3. You seem to have nearly the same boat I'm in. Good luck. :)

  4. Thanks, guys! You are so sweet! :D

  5. good luck, have fun =) I'm expecting a big year too. Praying GOD will do amazing things with it. Jesus loves you! =)


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