Fall Festival Festive-ness

Today I went to a fall festival. Our church set up 2 tents, one with free cookies, cold water, and various objects displaying our church logo and information -- magnets, pens, papers.
The other tent, next to the refreshment tent, was the one I worked in. My mom and I set up a fish game. We bought a blow-up swimming pool at Wal-Mart and we put laminated toy fish in it. Each fish had a magnet on it. Children were given a fishing rod with a piece of metal at the end so the children could pick it up with the magnet (after a few swings of the rod). Then they would get a prize.
In this time, my mom would tell the parents about our church and AWANAS program, which we were entering our second year in and were hoping for more kids.
I carried around a little bucket filled with candy, papers, magnets, pens, and stickers that said, "GOD LOVES YOU" and "JESUS LOVES YOU". I passed them out among the crowd for free, giving stickers & candy to little children and talking to the parents about our new website and AWANAS program and church while handing them the various church items.
It was really fun, though tiring, and my friend Hannah who was working inside the tent met a news reporter and will get her picture in a magazine. I was really bummed at first that I wouldn't get my picture in, because that is SO my thing, but I guess I've had my share of newspaper and TV appearances, so I quickly got over it.
So, tomorrow is Sunday and I cannot wait to see how many people show up for our morning service and how many more kids will show up for Awanas!

Just a little look into my daily life.
- Melissa


  1. Neat. I'll pray for your attendance. - Bob

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I'll be praying for your church to grow because of this.

    It sounds like you handled that whole situation with the news reporter thing. I would be bummed too!

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Thanks, guys!

    It was really fun and I have blisters to prove it! :)


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