My World or God's World?

"Oh my gosh! Melissa, your sheer awesomeness has blinded me!" Jane would gush. "You are just so amazing – only the greatest! If only I looked like you! If only I had your lips, and your hair, anything but your teeth, but they are so white that your glory has made my face shine!"

Next would be some guy with great hair. "Melissa, can I buy you a soda? A pizza? A Coach purse? A Corvette? You are just drop-dead gorgeous! Tell me what to do and I’ll do it!"

Yeah, right.
If only, if only.
In a world I would create, everyone would gush over me. I’d be the center of attention. The whole world would revolve around me (because it really is all about me). Or is it?

What would be in the world you would create? Who would you be?

I was thinking about this, and, seriously ask yourselves, Is it really all about me? And do I want it to be? No, actually, it would be freaky if it was all about me. I mean, all we could eat would be Cheez-Its and Cherry Coke. You’d be sentenced to life in jail if you teased a kid with glasses, and let’s just say you would NOT be happy if you mistreated an animal, to the extent of setting a mouse trap in your barn or garage.

It would be a perfect world for me, it would seem, but what about others? I’m sure the health nuts out there would shrivel up and die in my world. And those mice can be annoying. In my world, we’d have fashion police, but what if you just don’t look good in Prada? Even the most self-centered person would feel empty if he or she didn’t have people around that enjoyed being around him. And what about God?

Our world is about God. Because it REALLY is all about him. And he would not restrict the health nuts from broccoli, or arrest you for wearing last season’s Burberry coat that just screams "I’M SO OUT". God has made this world with us in mind. He planned it, designed it, created it just for us, so that we could be happy with him. That’s my idea of a leader.


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