The Life of a Cubbies Leader

Sounds like a great title for a new blog of mine, don't you think so?

Tonight is my first night of being an AWANA Cubbies leader. I will be juggling 3-4 year olds, including my sister, Abigail. Yesterday, at a fall festival, we set up 2 booths and advertised the start of our 2nd year in the AWANA program, and so we are hoping that our very small church will have a boosted attendance, at least more children.

So, I have an ENORMOUS uniform (whoever printed "MEDIUM" on the tag was blind, that thing is an xxxxxxxxxxxxxl) and it is blue, with a Cubbies Bear on it *shudders*. It's a good thing little kids are cute. So, when I press "publish post" at the bottom of this page, I need to grab a bite to eat and see what I can do to save my uniform and make it look halfway decent (right now, it makes me look like a whale. And don't crack some joke about me already being one, lol.).

Tonight may be hectic, cause I do not have the slightest idea what these kids are capable of. If I don't post in a week you can assume the worst.

Duty calls, my friends, duty calls.

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