Reporting from Arizona!

Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven't posted lately, I've been in New Mexico, and now I'm in Arizona.

I am so happy, yes, I am a computer geek, it doesn't show on the outside, but on the inside, I am just another amazing Windows Vista. Yes, I absolutely love it! I'm typing on my dream computer that, unfortunetly, doesn't belong to me, while my Nana, my traveling buddy, is in a meeting in the other room.

There are so many political ads here, even more than in Texas. Besides Heinrich (sp?) and people who are running for the Senate in New Mexico, Obama has taken New Mexico and Arizona by storm. He has bashed McCain repeatedly, never ceasing.

So, now, you know where I stand, probably, on the Presidential issue. But I'm not going to turn this into a political debate, instead, with the elections 3 weeks away, I'm going to ask you once again to PRAY.

Yes, prayer is our most powerful tool. But what are we praying for?

How NOT to pray:

"Dear God, please let McCain win, because he's got the experience we need, even if he does have a few smile lines, I'm not picky."
"Dear God, make Obama win! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Because he's young and McCain's old and Obama is nice, I think, really nice."

No, that's not the way to do it. Ya know why? You are not God. You do not know who is going to serve our country best. God knows. So, instead, pray that God's hand will be upon Obama and McCain, that is the best thing we can do, since most of you reading this blog cannot vote.


  1. Haha! We're watching the presidential debates right know! (Go McCain! Not trying to go against what you just posted)

  2. Yeah, I was too, well, last night.

    Go McCain!


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