Lessons from a Cow

Lessons from a Cow
how to read your bible
&& how to give the phrase "chew on it" a whole new meaning

Ok, I must take a step down from my pride and admit that I can be taught something by, yes, a cow. Beloved bovines can show us how to apply God's word to our lives. No, this is not a zoology lesson.

Reading your bible is something you should do every day. But sometimes it's hard to grasp the true meaning of what God's trying to tell you.

My friend Maddy emailed me this idea.

Now, this is very unlike Maddy, because when you meet her you do not think of a country bumpkin or a cowgirl. No, Maddy is fashionable and fun, but this was very out of character.

Basically, she told me that a cow eats the grass, chews it slowly, swallows, and then, a moment later, chews the same piece again -- it is chewing its cud. Now, looking out the window, I can guarantee this is true, there's a fat white cow in our neighbor's pasture with legs as wide around as my waist, and he is chewing his cud.

So, where am I going with this? A cow chews its cud and so this is how we must read our bible. "Skimming" the page is not the way. Reading the page in a rush is not the way. Reading while bored or distracted is not the way. If you really want to soak up God's Word, we should read a verse or passage once, slowly, then think about it, then read it again. That was it really sinks into us.

Everyone please wish Maddy a happy 13th!

So, thanks again, Maddy!
.... Oh, alright, fine. Thanks, cows.


  1. Happy Birthday Maddy! Thanks for the info on the cows, it was...quiet nice. It shows how we can apply everything in our lives to the word of truth. - Bob

  2. Thanks! Glad I could be of service!
    (hey, my nickname is Bob too!)


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