Can He Hear Me?

Have you ever felt like something that's really important to you isn't important to God? Like, if you struggle with your self-image. There are starving kids in Africa, so how could God be concerned with how you look? For me right now, it's the death of pets. That issue is really close to my heart, but it seems so small compared to the wars in the East. God couldn't possibly have time for something so small as a kitten.
I've tried to live my entire life as a prayer. I try to pray constantly, silently to myself about things that just happened. While I like it, at the same time, I get disappointed a lot. I pretty much like how I look, but some days you just feel down, ya know? On those days, when I look in the mirror and don't like what I see, I think about taking it to God -- but then I don't bother. He's too busy for that kind of stuff. I mean, what matters is the inside, right?
I get frustrated with math a lot. I mean, every day. Even when I understand it, it's just too much: too much to handle, too time-consuming, too hard. But why take it to God? He wouldn't listen. He wouldn't understand. He doesn't have to wake up to hours of math every morning while still trying to recover from bedhead, morning breath, and sleepless nights.
But I think that I sometimes picture God in the wrong way. He can help me cope with loss -- while guiding the persecuted Christians in China. He does care about my appearance and what I think about myself -- just as much as he cares about someone with a terminal disease. He will help me get through math, while at the same time healing those suffering from more traumatic happenings. He's a real-life Superman with absolutely no weaknesses -- He's everywhere all at once and cares about me just as much as he cares about the King of England or Billy Grahm or the President or more imporant people than me. I'm His Creation and He cherishes me. When I gave my heart to Him, my cares became His, my worries became His worries, my sorrows now His.
This is something all of us need to realize and be reminded of. It's something you can take home and really work into your daily life. Cast all your cares, worries, and sorrows on God. You belong to Him. You are His cherished creation, and He will ALWAYS be with you.

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