The Outsiders

When you go to school tomorrow, take a look around you. What do you see? I bet there are some pretty interesting people out there that you see every day. What about that girl with the bad reputation? Or the guy with the bad complexion? Or that small group that dresses, well, like weirdos and walk around looking self-absorbed? They're the outsiders who make us feel uncomfortable.

But do we just write them off? Isaiah 42:3 describes an outsider as a "bruised weed" and a "smoldering wick". Neither sounds nice, and neither is of much use. God is telling us that people whom society sees as worthless are really important to God. He created them. He knows their hearts.

This school year, try to look at the "outsiders" at school with Christ's eyes, and reach out to them.


  1. I agree. I can be friendly towards those really messed up kids and be a good influence to those who need one. All with GOD's help cuse I know I cannot do it on my own. But it might be reversed in my case. For some reason I feel that I'm considered an outsider. The problem with my grade is that they always tend to group up with specific people. I've had allot, most, all of my friends pulled away from me because of this and now I really feel like a tiny candle light in the universe that doesn't really do much, just sits there. I just need to learn to love I guess. Which is funny because right now I'm listening to Leeland's new CD 'Love is on the Move' and the song 'Learn to love' is playing :P music tends to do that allot with me. I think that it's GOD trying to tell me something. 'Where's the love that makes us stronger?' that's the chorus. I think that the love that makes us stronger is hidden and people are afraid to bring it out. It's not uncool but everyone thinks that the others think it is. It's psychological :P I'm gonna try to bring it out in my life and see if I can start a chain reaction :) I'm so sorry for all of the long comments but I think so much better when I write and I don't want to just delete everything... or I'm just lazy. Oh well, you can just read it :P Jesus loves you! :)

  2. Great post...keep reminding this generation to live out their faith not only with their words but also with their actions!

    I'm glad you liked my post "Waiting." That IS an old post of mine =) Can't believe you found that one from way back then. I reread that post after seeing your comment, and it's amazing to just see how much the Lord has grown me in the 2 years since that post! Continue pressing deeper into our Lord and Savior and may He continue to use you in incredible ways for His glory and His name's sake!

  3. Tuna,
    I love long comments. :) And I love your idea of a "chain reaction of love". hehe
    What's your first name? I just feel weird calling you a fish. ;)

    Thanks! I know -- when I look at my old posts, it's like...Wow. Did I really write that? I hardly remember!


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