Chosing the Healthy Choice

Did you know – the longer you eat healthy foods, the easier it is to resist a hamburger? Did you know – the longer you stick with God, the easier it is to resist sin?
With the busy lifestyle many people have today, sometimes we forget to take it easy and do something good for ourselves. You’re on the go a lot. You have places to be, people to see (and, of course, you’re texting 24/7).
A hectic lifestyle really takes its toll on your health when it comes to food. Some people cram so much into their day that they don’t have time to sit and eat a home-cooked meal with their family. Fast food is easy and inexpensive because it’s typically made with cheap ingredients, like high-fat meat and other content with unhealthy fats and cholesterol. According to The State of Our Nation’s Youth, 7 out of 10 students say having a good meal means eating something cooked at home, not eating out or bringing fast food or take-out home. So this means that even though we have a better option (eating at home), many people still choose to take the easier option, even if it may cost them in the long run.
It’s the same thing with faith. So many people know that there’s something more to life, but they take the easy route (a life without God) even though it will cost them in the long run. Just like the fat of yesterday’s French fries will stick with you (you know what I mean!), sin sticks to us and stays with us unless we live our lives for God.
Instead of going the easy – but unhealthy – route, why not make 2 changes in your life, starting today?
1. Eat more home-cooked meals around the dinner table with your family.
2. Chose God over your other options in your day to day life.

In 2 weeks, tell me – in the Comments or Chat Box – how you’ve been sticking to those changes and what the results have been. Like good home-cooked meals nourish our body, a good Christian life nourishes the soul.


  1. Great post. I mean it! I just knew I shouldn't have had that steak burger a couple days ago :P jk I definately can make a bigger effort to meet with GOD on a daily basis. Thanks for posting! Jesus loves you! :)


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