Getting ready for church...

I love my church. I know some people get really bored during church, and I guess I sometimes do, but I have an awesome youngish pastor with silver hair who makes weird vocalizations during his sermons and it keeps you awake. His wife is amazing, beautiful in and out, with 3 precious little kids.
My mom leads worship and I sing in the praise band. It's really fun to get to do something together with her like that, especially something that serves the Lord.
Church is my chance to dress up. Ok, so I used to refuse to wear anything but jeans to church, but I have changed my ways. I get to wear dresses or skirts, slacks, and nice blouses all from Macy's. I know, I know, it may seem vain, to look forward to church as a time to be ultra-chic, but it's how I express myself.
I'm involved in nursery as well as the praise band. I used to be involved with the AWANA program as well, but we only had that running for 2 years. Next year we may start up again. I acted in skits and stuff every week.
My dad runs the children's ministry. He's got a blog with most of the skits he's written. They're really good, so check it out.
Our church is reallyreallyreally small, but it means everyone knows each other really well. We're getting a new building soon; they're working on putting up walls and stuff. It's going to be awesome!
Ah, youth group! Me and my friend Hannah make up the youth group, and her mom is the youth leader. So that can show you the size of our church. We're going to get a lot more kids soon, though, when we move into our new building.
So, that's my church, in a nutshell. I guess this was my way of thanking God for all the wonderful people He's put in my life...and I'd like to hear about yours. So, what's your church like? Who inspires you? Does your pastor make weird facial expressions? I wanna know! Post a comment.


  1. I used to go to a really small church, so I totally know what kind-of church you go to! I loved being in a small church and knowing everyone. I mean, obviously sometime you wish there were more people, but it is nice knowing everyone. However, a few years ago, my family and I felt God leading us to change churches and we now go to one of the biggest churches in Iowa! It has like 6,000 members or something! So, it was a huge change for me since I had only grown up in big churches. But I know that God had us switch for a reason. I still struggle with it being super big sometimes, but our church really does a good job of making it available so that you can get to know people well. Even in my big youth group I feel like I at least recognize everyone. It has taken a while to get used to it, but now I love my church! Which is really shocking to me because I always thought I wouldn't like going to a big church! Funny how things change quickly! lol. So, just thought I would tell you what my church is like!

    KK from IA

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, KK! I know, I'm always wishing our youth group was bigger. I love "tycoon" games and strategies, so sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking of my church as a tycoon -- "How many people can I get here? What can we do to become the biggest, most-thriving church in Texas?" I know it seems weird, but sometimes I actually find myself thinking that. ;)

  3. i go to a Small Church but God knows Right Where it is.
    There's Days i think ,This is the city why can't this be a bigger Church what can i do to expand the amount of People.
    It does frustrate the Pastor,sometimes he gets a little gloomy about the building fund not rising to the top.
    But God has a reason for Everything on just how it is and the size he has made it,So since its his church i have left it in his will,to bring the people or for the people to Grow in Christ.Maybe thats all that matters is the people that are there to Grow deeper In Christ.
    I came from a church of 1,600 or so,
    moved to another state -the church was smaller about 150-a shock-every one was related some how or another.
    The Small Church Has So Much Love for each other. So big or small i have been to both-
    God's Pressence is there no matter the size of the Church or how many attened.
    Isn't it amazing how his Pressence brings us Peace in our Lives.
    -Proud to be His,

  4. Macilicutty,
    Thanks for checking out my blog! I've seen you on Facebook and on Susie's blog...I love your comments there.
    Thanks for the input -- I needed that. I love my church, but sometimes I wish it was bigger. I'm learning that, like you said, the size doesn't matter -- it's the heart and the Holy Spirit.


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