Mountain of God

My iPod was on shuffle and happened to land on a song I hadn't heard before. The words jumped out at me. What they sang was so true! I just had to share it with you.
Third Day's song Mountain of God says, "I must go through the valley to stand upon the mountain of God."
Isn't that so cool? Whenever you're in a low point in your life (a valley), if you follow God's path for your life, you reach the mountain of God (a high point in your life). Believe it or not, God doesn't just give you three strikes and you're out. He continues to offer forgiveness again and again. He continues to guide you even though you've screwed up many times before. He longs for you to be near Him.
"Even though the journey’s long
And I know the road is hard...
Well, the One who’s gone before me
He will help me carry on
After all that I’ve been through
Now I realize the truth
that I must go through the valley
to stand upon the mountain of God."

We've talked before about trials and tough times in your life and what they amount to in the end. It's not just mumbo-jumbo; people actually change when they face trials. Some of them handle it better than others. When you're in a rough spot, you have a choice. Will you continue to live in sin, following a path that leads nowhere, and eventually die, never having made it out of the valley? Or will you rise above your challenges and become stronger, change your course and follow God's path, the narrow path that leads to eternal life (the mountain of God)? It's your choice.
"Thought that I was all alone
Broken and afraid
But You were there with me
Yes, You were there with me
And I didn’t even know
That I had lost my way
But You were there with me
Yes, You were there with me
‘Til You opened up my eyes
I never knew
That I couldn’t ever make it
Without You

1. Can you think of names for some of the "valleys" you've been through? What decisions led you to be there? Or were they out of your hands?
2. If you have been on the Mountain of God (having a deep relationship with Him) what choices led you away from Him and back down into the valley?
3. What is keeping you right now from reaching the mountain of God?
4. Ask a Christian adult that you admire what it was like when he/she had an exteremely close relationship with God. Did the relationship die quickly? Or is it still going?
5. What can you do so that you will never leave the mountain of God?

Thirsty for more of the song? Click here for the complete lyrics, and be sure to check out Third Day's Mountain of God on iTunes!


  1. hey, can you tell me how to get the "rate it or reactions" thing at the bottom of ever blog post?


  2. Emily,
    I'm not sure how I did it. Basically, just play around with your SETTINGS, and then enable the reactions. Sorry I can't be of anymore help; I don't remember the exact page.

  3. Hey, I have like 4 of Third Day's albums. It's so awesome that you did a post about them! They're not really my favorite band but they used to be and I love em allot. I feel like I'm in a terribly deep spiritual down. I'm not sure how it happened. I'm thinking that it's the lack of effort on my part to make my relationship with Him a stronger one and an enduring one. I don't feel much pressure or hurt or anything bad, I just don't feel Him. Like He's gone or I'm not competent for doing... something I don't know what. Kind of an emptiness. Not GOD-lessness but a long silence. Sort of like what some people might feel about me not having written anything for a week. I used to talk to everyone allot and all of a sudden no one hears anything from me. Maybe it's when the silence sinks in that people realise I was there. I'm not saying that people may appreciate me more, for I'm not GOD and probably am appreciated very little but maybe GOD si trying to speak to me. Idk. Thinking is so much easier when you write, you know? Sorry for the long comment. Jesus loves you! :)

  4. Remember that I'm praying for you! In the past I've asked God, "Where are You? Where did You go?" I read "Girl Talk with God" by Susie Shellenberger and the girl in her story had the exact question. God answered, "I've always been here. It was YOU who left."


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