Every day matters...

I'm homeschooled, and I don't have school on Wednesday. So, on Saturday and Wednesday, when I don't have any school to do, I wake up feeling happy. I can DO something today! I always think. Something can get done! I have the WHOLE DAY ahead of me!

But then I watch cartoons with my lil' sibs. And then I type stuff for this blog. And then Dad makes lunch, and before I know it, half the day has gone by, and my lil' sibs are having quiet time.

Where'd the day go? How'd it go by so fast? Did time speed up?

Then I feel discouraged. I didn't really get anything done that day. I just "hung out". Yet there were people out there that day -- many, many, many people -- who wish they could have MORE time -- they wish they could have that day like I did.

Why didn't I get anything done? I scold myself. Why did I waste another day?

Every day matters. You won't get Sunday, May 25th, 2008 back ever again. So go out and DO SOMETHING.

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