So, today, my friend is coming over to just "hang". She's two minutes late, and I haven't seen her in a while, so I keep glancing out the window, hoping she'll come.

The suspense is killing me.

C'mon, Avery!

This reminds me of waiting for Jesus to come for us. He's the best friend anyone can have, and while we talk to him through prayer (like talking to my friend over the phone), think how great it will be when you finally get to see Jesus, face to face! That's WAY better than running down your cell minutes and not even getting to see him. As much as I want to see Avery's mom's car pull up the driveway, Jesus's cloud pulling down to earth will be even more exciting.

And just like when company comes over, and you have to clean your room and change into clean clothes, there are things we need to do to get ready for when Jesus comes. God tells us to wait patiently, dress ourselves in good deeds, and tell people about him so that EVERYONE can be ready for when Jesus comes.

C'mon, Jesus!


  1. Very good. I like that a lot.

    Keep up the great work, guys.

    God bless.


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