Uniquely You

Why are people so different? Why do some people look different? Why do some people act differently than you?

Because God is a creative artist. If you were a famous artist -- the best on earth -- would you just paint the same picture over and over again? Of course not.

If we lived in a world where everyone looked and acted the same, what would happen? Wouldn't that be boring? So you would act like your siblings, your best friend, your parents, the President -- even your grandparents -- and you'd act like them, too. Wouldn't that be weird? Crazy? Scary, even? And incredibly annoying and boring.

God thought about how you wouls look and act even before you were born. He made you unique. No one in the universe is exactly like you -- not even if you're a twin. Today, thank God for making you YOU, and no one else.

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