Megan (Casting Crowns) Speaks

When you write music, usually the songs are something that you've experienced.
So Megan Garrett (piano/vocalist from Casting Crowns) tells us how a song on their new album "The Altar and the Door" relates to her.

"A lot of the songs feel like they were written for me. But on the new album, 'Slow Fade' really touches me. I see people who have made a lot of mistakes, and they’re at a place where I think, I’d never be in that place. I’d never allow myself to get there. After hearing Mark’s [lead singer and songwriter] explanation on it, it’s not just one long mistake that causes you to be there. It’s a series of little compromises, where you take something that flatters you and you acknowledge it. And the next time something flatters you, it goes a little bit further. It makes me realize that I need to take every little thing that happens captive and say, 'God, what is the right decision I need to make on this?' - Megan Garrett, Casting Crowns

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