Praising God with your iPod

Do you have an iPod (or an mp3 player)? If so, iTunes and other places have lots of legal downloadable music. But don’t listen to just anything. Why not actually enjoy worshipping God for once, and listen to some cool, upbeat praise songs? I mean, it’s not like you’ll hear Relient K or Britt Nicole at your church in praise time.

Jeremy Camp and Bethany Dillon also make worshipping God cool. I love Bethany Dillon’s song, “Top of the World”. Her songs can be upbeat or slow, but the music is excellent, the meaning clear, and her voice is very sweet sounding.

Jeremy Camp’s music is great for teen boys and girls – and even adults! His voice is also clear, his music great and it has a good beat. He brings life to praise songs that you normally wouldn’t really want to listen to.

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