God's Joy: Get it Now!

I’m sitting here, typing while a TV advertisement drones on and on about some “Pancake Puff” thing. Another commercial pops up, encouraging people to brush their teeth: “Happiness is a healthy mouth.”

What? Did someone actually say that? Happiness – the thing everyone on earth is searching for – can be found if you have nice teeth?

I’m sure these dentists meant well. I’m sure they were just trying to get people to buy their product or something. But really, they’re lying. Sure, it’s nice to be able to flash a smile when a friend walks by, but is that what makes us happy? What about Pancake Puffs, or room décor from Target? What about a credit card, Neutrogena shampoo, or a widescreen TV? Sure, you might be glad you have those things, but they don’t make you happy.

Ok, wait a minute. I define “happiness” as a simple, good feeling. Like when you get that TV for your birthday. It makes you happy – but only for a short moment. Happiness from stuff is fleeting – it doesn’t last.

God gives us joy that really lasts. He is the only thing we need to have happiness that stays with us forever. It doesn’t go away like an outdated TV. It grows, even. The joy that God gives us is perfect, and it grows bigger and bigger until people start noticing: “Dude, that person’s always happy! Why?” Well, the answer? Because we have God. And, get this: you don’t have to pay for God’s joy. Nope. It’s free. No tax, no shipping or handling costs. Nothing. It’s perfect. Go get God's joy today!

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