Miley Cyrus & Worshipping God

It was all over the news: the papers, the internet, the TV. The “Miley Cyrus Photo Scandal” as it has been dubbed. Some say it was bound to happen. I however, was shocked. How could someone so good, so perfect, fall like that?

I’m not going to go into a big news special about this. No, I’m not going to fill you in on all the details. But I am going to show you something.

Well, Miley Cyrus wasn’t perfect (and she says that in one of her songs). But she was a “good girl”. She was funny, pretty, and didn’t get into much trouble, so many girls looked up to her. There were Hannah Montana lotions, hairbrushes, folders, clothes, beds, and more. The most alarming thing of all: Miley was a Christian. So, the big question is, why would she do that?

A Barlow Girl song, Pedestal, talks about glorifying a celebrity – only to see them fall. In the end, the song concludes that God is the only perfect being, and he’s the one that everyone wants – they just don’t know it yet. (We gotta tell them!)

This goes to prove that nobody’s perfect. The bible says, “No man is perfect, not even one.” That’s so true. Sure, there are “good people” and “bad people”, but everyone has a bit of good and a bit of bad in them. Get this: the only person who’s perfect is Jesus. Jesus never sinned. Not even once. Jesus is perfect. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, the nicest celebrity in the world is not perfect.

So, because they aren’t perfect, we shouldn’t worship celebrities, stars, or the big pop-culture sensation of the week. We shouldn’t glorify them, because they are no better than us. You see, God made humans to long for someone who’s perfect, someone to worship – but often we forget that God is perfect, not that picture-perfect singer who’s jammin’ on Disney Channel.

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