Lead them to Love

Some Christians forget that if you want to lead someone to Christ, you have to actually care about them first. Some Christians just "go through the motions", not really caring about the person they're trying to save. If you don't have love, you have nothing. If you don't care about the person you're reaching out for, that person won't listen to you. Ask God to give you the gift of love.

A long time ago in England, a criminal named Charles Peace was arrested. He was a burglar, a forger, and a double murderer. His sentence was death.
As Charles made his way to the gallows on the day of his execution, a chaplian walked by his side. The minister was simply "going through the motions", speaking coldly of the importance of faith and belief. In the course of his oft-repeated speech, the minister mentioned the power of Jesus Christ to save him from sin.
Suddenly, Charles spun around, staring the chaplian right in the eye, and exclaimed, "Do you believe that? Do you REALLY believe that? If I believed that, I would willingly crawl across England on broken glass to tell men it was true."
It's true. We know it is. So, today, ask God to give your an unconditional love for others. It's the first Fruit of the Spirit, and a whole chapter of the bible has been dedicated to love. Think about it. And live it.

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