Songwriting (Rebecca St. James)

Rebecca St. James, an Australian songwriter, gave her gift to God at 13. (See, you're not too young to serve a purpose for God!) She takes the common church songs and turns them into works of art with her clear, beautiful voice. Where does she get her inspiration?

Most of Rebecca's song ideas come straight from the outdoors, God's beautiful creation. “I’ll go for a walk and notice a little flower. I might think, Wow, God crafted that flower!” During her devotional time, an idea expands into the lyrics for the song “God,” for example. “Then I’ll start to sing to the words, and I’ll think, Yeah, that works!” says Rebecca.

Amazingly, Rebecca spends some time away from her career by talking to God and praising him. According to Rebecca, “Just like a prayer, worship isn’t reserved for one or two days a week. It’s a constant part of our lives."

Go check out one of her songs today!

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