Don't Rush

I had a riding lesson today. My horse, Ronnie, is very well trained and loves to work. She hadn't been ridden in a while, though, and she sometimes rushes over the jumps. When she rushes, sometimes we knock over a pole or stumble.

When we try rushing our lives, we often mess up. Things don't turn out the way we should because we're trying to get things done instead of trying to get things done well.

This week, work on making your work -- whether it's homework, cleaning your room, or doing your chores -- as good as you can make it.


  1. Very true. All of us are so eager to get things done because we want to see our progress fast. Then when those things are done, there's nothing left to do exept look back at your accomplishment and wish you could have done more, done better, taken your time. Thanks for following my blog. - Bob

  2. Your welcome.

    So true. There have been many times like that in my life.


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