I'm back from my trip to Europe! Happy Labor Day, btw. Saturday's plane ride lasted 30 hours, no joke, because we had to switch from London time to US time.

The trip was AMAZING. Everything was so beautiful and quaint. I love Europe, especially Finland and Russia. So pretty! There are more bikes than cars, and canals serve as roads. The houses are lined up, each one different than the next, all different colors. I tried elk and reindeer sausage. Elk was delicious, but the reindeer sausage was too salty. Oh, and I tried fish. I don't know what kind of fish it was, but it was fish and that's what counts. And it was disgusting. So, in Finland, they set out a big tray with bowls of fish, (raw salmon, too!), but I settled with gingerbread cookies and European chocolates (delicious!).

Ok, this is my last trip for a while, so I will update this blog every day that I can.

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