Money [part1]

Money. Dinero. Dough. Cash.
It’s the thing that I never have enough of when I go to the mall. It’s the thing that makes people greedy. It’s the thing that starving people don’t have. Money is a lot of things.

We’re not getting greedy here. You’ve heard people say, “Money shouldn’t be something you love.” Well, you shouldn’t love it or be obsessed with it, but, let’s face it: Money is important. Money is very important. 16 of Jesus’ 40 parables talks about money. Jesus knew this was a big issue, so he wanted to get his message clear. “A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” Read the story: Luke 12:13-21

I’m guessing you’ve felt like you don’t have enough money. Is that because you need more? Or is it because the media is constantly telling us that more, more, more is better?

Is more better? You can only have so much “more”. If you’re an average mow-the-lawn-for-$5 kid or a billionaire, “more” seems like the unreachable goal. Even if you had all the money in the world, you’d still want more. So, why is “more” so important to you?

Stay tuned for more info on money.

Journal Jots
Does money run my life?
How does the media affect my view on money?
How do my friends affect my view on money?
Do I truly need more money?
Will more money make me happy?


  1. When asked how much money is enough Rockefeller paused, thought a minute, and replied, "A little more than a man has." When money is our desire, we'll never achieve it. Good post!


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