The Promise of 13

It’s that time of year again – almost. My birthday. But this isn’t just any birthday. This is my thirteenth birthday, my first year of being a real teenager. 13! I know, I’m turning old and decrepit, aren’t I?

What does my new year of life hold for me? I’m looking forward to eyeshadow, eyeliner, and, of course, riding in the front seat. (Right now, at 12, my dad is the only one who’ll let me ride in the front seat, and then only when he’s in the mood.)

These all sound like fun privileges, but the greatest one is to be a faithful servant of my Lord. I want to serve him and be drawn closer to him. Maturity comes with age. I’m definitely not immature now, but I’m excited to learn more about God.

Also, I’m hoping to get a purity ring for my birthday. When I asked Dad if I could get one as a present, he told me it wouldn’t be just a silly piece of jewelry. So, that kinda crushed my spirits. I already knew that! I want one as a symbol of my commitment to God. Does he really think I’m that immature? Maybe he was just reminding me. I don’t know.

I’ll stop boring you with my ranting now. :)


  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the the teen years and keep your goal in mind. It's the most important thing you can do

  2. Happy birthday! I can't believe you're only 12. I thought you were older. Congrats! -Emma


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