Prayer Point: Hurricane Ike

We (me and Lucy, writers of One Voice) both live in Texas. And, as you probably have heard, Galveston, Texas, is experiencing Hurricane Ike. I don’t live in Galveston, but I can see the effects of Ike. It’s raining here, but the worst part is the wind. At least we don’t have to evacuate.

Some people in Galveston and Houston have not evacuated yet. They chose to stay put, though reporters have warned them that they face "sudden death". I’m most worried about the children and animals. The children need their parents, they can’t defend themselves. If something happens to their parents, their only hope is to find a rescue committee. And the animals don’t have it much easier. Domesticated animals think differently than wolves because some of their natural behavior has been taken away from them. They don’t stand much of a chance if they are left there.

Moody Gardens has evacuated all the animals. Can you imagine, shipping that many sharks, fish, turtles, stingrays, birds, monkeys, and big cats to places that are hours away?
Six Flags will be closed for a while (duh). I would NOT like to be riding the Titan in this weather.

Please pray for everyone – the people and the animals – that they will all make it to safety, and please pray that the area will not be totally destroyed. Also, if you live in Texas, stay tuned to your local weather channel for updates.


  1. For some people it's not a stubborn choice to stay in Galveston, some people couldn't afford to evacutate again. They had no way to leave. (though there were probably buses my mom said so I guess some people were stubborn) Another prayer request is to help those people finacailly.

  2. Yeah. I'll put that up here. Hold on a sec....


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