Gimme a G-O-D!

If you play sports or have ever been to a game, you’ve probably heard the cheerleaders leading the crowd with their little songs, doing little cartwheels across the field.
And maybe, if you’ve ever won the game, you’ve heard people cheering for you, because they think you’re so great!

Well, God is great, too. Fans cheer for their team and we can cheer for God. That’s right. Praising God is a lot like cheering. We’re thanking him for being so amazingly awesome, so cool, maybe even "gnarly", if anyone ever says that anymore.
So, before you pray or read your bible or do your daily devotions, cheer for God. Because he’s gnarly.

Journal Jot: Write down a special cheer, just for God. It can be a praise song or a poem. Share your cheer in the Chat section.


  1. I like the way you said that. It made it seem simpler. I get into this thing of only worhsipping in church, but if you look at it this way it reminds you that you can do it any time you want.

    Love It!

  2. Same here. God doesn't want us to just worship him one day of the weeki. EVERY day is a day made special by God, and so we should take time to worship the one who gave us that day.


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