Power Bracelets

Q: Some of my friends are wearing power bracelets. I was thinking of getting one, but I’m not sure. Is it ok to wear them?

A: Buddhism started the power bracelet theory. Many Buddhists believe the bracelets give them special powers. But we know that only Jesus gives real power that lasts forever.

Do you think that a statue can give you power? No. In Exodus, God’s people got into a mix up with a golden statue of a cow. Well, the statue didn’t give them any power, and they just made God angry.

Anything that you think can give you power or anything you think is more important than God is called an idol. Worshipping a statue is silly. If you read on in Exodus, it says that the people MADE the statue from their jewelry. Wait a second. The people made the statue? Then how could it give them power? It was just a chunk of gold carved into the shape of a cow. It wasn’t alive. It couldn’t do anything.

It’s the same with power bracelets. I don’t think bracelets or beads by themselves are evil. But if you’re wearing them to be popular or to get “special power”, then forget it. That stuff is so not worth your time, money, or worship.

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