Fake Out

Not everything that seems good is true. From food to religions, cosmetic companies and nearly everything in between, there are the flaky fakes. Makeup, toys, get-rich-quick schemes – they all seem cool at first, but they turn out to be just another disappointment.

Ads for restaurants and grocery stores are a good example. Some of the most common tricks of the trade: strawberries colored with red lipstick, eyeliner grill marks on steaks, a chicken that is only partially cooked to look wet and “sizzling”, lard ice cream. The goal is to make the food look delicious, but really it’s just a trick to get you to want the food, which probably isn’t as good as the commercial claims.

Food isn’t the only thing that’s fake. There are a lot of religions out there, and all but one is fake. You can’t just pick what YOU think is good and write a book about it, expecting everyone to follow and bow down to you. No. This is all a lie. It’s a trick, but it’s so old that many people have forgotten that these religions don’t really lead to God. The ONLY way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. The Bible even says it. And you can be sure that he is no fake! (After all, God made you!)


  1. I love your post. I've been thinking about that type of thing a lot. Keep up the good work.:)

    Emma (BIG SIS 2:5)

  2. Thanks, Emma!
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